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Why are we closing for three weeks?

By March 24, 2020No Comments

As promised the explanation for the 3 week close down.

We need to consider the safety of ourselves, patients and the wider community…. we need to self isolate and socially distance.

Closing the practice to all patients for three weeks gives them and us time to show symptoms of the disease. If people are careful and do what is advised by government then the risk of cross infection is reduced. In three weeks we should see who is clear and who isn’t and we will have further guidance on what is best to do.

At after three weeks if we feel its is safe to do so, we will only see patients who have at risk feet such as open wounds and infections. We will wear PPE and get them in and out as quickly as possible. We will defer all routine appointments.

This seems sensible action to take, buys us all time, and helps us all self identify and triage patients as well as self isolate or socially distance properly.

Stay safe, stay home.