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New Year New Name

By January 3, 2024No Comments

As healthcare professionals we are continuously updating our professional skills to help us provide the best service possible to our patients, this is known as continued professional development of CPD. As we start a new year we have taken the decision to rebrand the practice from Cambridge House Dorset to House of Podiatry.

The decision was made in the same manner as deciding on what our next piece of CPD is going to be. For a number of years we have wanted to change the name of the business to better reflect what it is that we actually do here. Lets be honest Cambridge House Dorset could really be anything, it certainly doesn’t indicate that we are a podiatry practice.

Once we had decided that we were going to change the first challenge we faced was Covid. This delayed the decision to rebrand the practice whilst we concentrated on running the business thorough that time of uncertainty. Finally in Mid 2023 we felt it was time to decide on a new name. We wanted something that described what we do but also something that wasn’t being used by another practice. To make our life harder still we wanted a name that was being used either locally or nationally. These stemmed from the fact that during our time as Cambridge House Dorset we have requests for appointment (normally home visits) from people living near Cambridge or people in Dorset thinking we were the booking department for the Dorset NHS podiatry team. I can tell you this was not an easy thing to do. Finally we settled on House of Podiatry.

With the name decided it was now time start the (what turned out to be slow) process of organising every to enable us to rebrand the practice, this includes but not limited to designing the new logo, updating the website/email address and changing the name of various accounts. As we said this was a slow process and 1/8/23 came and went, this was originally when we wanted to rebrand as it was our 12 year anniversary. We therefore decided to wait until the new year to launch the rebranded business and so that’s what we did.

We choose to use the term podiatry instead of chiropody as that is the professional name that we prefer to use and aligns us better with other bodies within the profession such as The Royal College of Podiatry. If your interested in what the difference between podiatry and chiropody is you can read about it here: