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Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is a minor surgical procedure to remove part or all of the nail. This is most commonly undertaken to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by an ingrowing toe nail but can also be performed for fungal infections and malformed nails.

Nail Resection from £75

Ingrown toenails can be so deep, infected or painful that we cannot remove them with routine treatment. A local anesthetic is used to resect the offending nail from the root to allow proper treatment of the problem. This usually take 5-10 days to heal.

Partial nail avulsion of one side of a nail or total nail avulsion £300– Please allow at least one hour
Additional side of one nail £50
Additional nail (partial or total avulsion) £150

This is typically* a permanent procedure where the toe is anesthetised and a section of the nail is removed from the root and where a chemical is then applied to destroy the root itself. This is 97% successful with no regrowth in most patients. This can take 4-6 weeks to heal. If required we can also remove the whole toe nail. An initial consultation is always required prior to surgery.

Price includes the procedure, a follow up appointment 24hrs later, two further follow up appointments (to be taken at patients’ discretion unless otherwise directed by the practice) and a basic dressing pack.

fungal nails are removed and allowed to regrow infection free.