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We tend to think about what type of footwear we are going to wear but how many of us things about our socks?

Socks can play an important role in keeping your feet but is commonly overlooked. As podiatrists/chiropodist we will regularly give advise on socks and other hosiery when dealing with a various foot health complaints within our practice.

One of the biggest misconceptions about socks it that you should wear 100% cotton socks. This really is a big no no for most people. Primarily because they retain lot of moisture and therefore increase the risk of fungal infection (tinea pedis) of the skin which can then lead to fungal nail infections.

If you want to wear a natural Fibre socks it is best to go for bamboo socks. Bamboo socks are great because:

  1. They’re Temperature Regulating.
  2. They’re Hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive skin or you’re prone to skin conditions such as eczema, bamboo socks are less likely to irritate.
  3. They Prevent Moisture, by wicking it away from the skin.
  4. They’re Anti-bacterial… and thus help reduce odour
  5. Bamboo is fast growing, so better for the environment.

If you decide against bamboo socks as they are a bit more expensive, then a mix fibre blend is the next best thing.

Socks should be changed daily at least and washed a minimum of 60 degrees. This reduced the chance of reinfection.