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We soon be offering low level laser therapy (LLLT) here at Cambridge House. LLLT is an alternative to drugs in the treatment of chronic and acute pain. LLLT can be used to reduce the pain associated with many musculoskeletal disorders, injuries and joint pain, many patients experience an improvement from the every first treatment session. When LLLT is used in conjunction with conventional treatment methods the healing and recover period is often reduced. LLLT can also be used to help with the healing of wounds for example post nail surgery.

The introduction of LLLT is something that we first looked at back in 2012. At this time we attended a one day training course run by The Royal College of Podiatry (or The Society of Chiropodist and Podiatrist as it was known back then). At the time whilst the benefits of LLLT were obvious to us, as well as having plenty of interest from patients we decided that the treatment methodology was to complicated for us to use of a routine bases.

Thankfully during the last 10 years, like many things the technology has moved forward to the a point where the laser machine does all of the hard work for you, therefore making the whole treatment process much easier and more accessible. Watch this space for when LLLT will be available in clinic.